Agree to collect and use personal information

1. Purpose of collecting and using personal information

- Provision of the contestants to participate in the competition, management of the contest, examination, confirmation of the winner, etc.

2.Items of personal information to collect

- Applicant's name, date of birth, mobile phone number, e-mail address, school information, etc.

3.Retention and use of personal information

- Three years from the date of acceptance (email address only for contest notification)

I have confirmed the contents above and agree to collect and use personal information.

Confirmation of application form and copyright

  • All submissions must be originally created by the participant and not have been previously awarded in any other contest.
  • The copyright for the submission will be given to the host organizations of the Seoul Metropolitan Government and Lighting Museum as well as right of use in the award selection.
  • Awarded submissions will be used as a resource for various activities such as environmental, media advertisement, public relations and educational purposes.
  • Every submission must be free of any legal issues such as portrait rights, intellectual property rights and copyright infringements.
  • In case of the legal issue initiated by a 3rd party for a submission after the awards, the participant will have full legal responsibility for the issue and shall not involve the host organizations.
  • Any music and sound source used in videography must not have violated legal issues such as copyright infringements. All sources must be cited at the end of the video with titles.
  • For a group videography submission, a submitting participant will be awarded as a representative of the group. The prize will be also given to the representing participant and the distribution of the prize shall be decided within the group. Host organizations are not responsible for the prize distribution or any other related issues.
  • Both individuals and group submission are acceptable. For the group submission, name of the group members should be listed. Maximum number of group members is six people.
  • In case of winning by a group for the UCC category, exhibiting person for the work will be awarded and received the prize as a representative. The matter of prize money distribution will belong to the group, and host organizations do not intervene in that matters.
  • Participants are responsible for any legal fees or taxes related to the winning prize of the contest.
  • An instructor may help guide a participant through the creation process, but not to an extreme level, as judged by the judging panels. (Guidance is only acceptable for preteens)
  • Winners should participate in the awards ceremony. (International participants will be discussed separately.)
  • For a videography group award, the team and team members' names will be listed on the certificate.
I have confirmed the contents above and agree to collect and use personal information.